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Mitchell enjoyed the freedom the role created for him, "Your creativity is really heightened; you produce results faster.

That's a great thing that working here teaches you." TK arrived to the hospital in 2006 to greet his cousin Huia (Nicola Kawana) and the immature doctor quickly gained a job in the Emergency Department much to the annoyance of Sarah Potts (Amanda Billing).

When rushed to hospital, TK looked in an horrific condition, with his life in danger.

Kylie had several arguments with Trina, however both of them decided that the choice was TK's.

In September 2016, TK returned to Ferndale after spending time in Northland with Tillie and his family for a few weeks.

TK brought back a young woman called Trina, who had helped him look after Tillie but also has a dangerous past.

The hospital staff were shocked in November when Roimata was sexually assaulted and TK was continuously harassed by an anonymous attacker.

The attacker drugged TK and he ended up running down Murray Cooper (Matthew Chamberlain), landing him a reckless driving charge.

After moving to the GP clinic he and Sarah got together and married in 2007, shortly after TK reconciled with his estranged mother Liz (Rima Te Wiata).

When Trina's obsessive ex-boyfriend Hayden turned up, he aggressively wanted her back.

Instead, Trina began dating TK much to his disgust.

After days of wondering whether she was dead or alive, TK called her phone once more and Hayden answered.

Hayden was in a car with an alive Trina, and threatened to kill her.

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  1. The producer doing the pre-interview loved him and said there was no way the girls weren’t going to choose him, despite his on-camera terminology of disliking girls with “bitch faces.” An on-screen conversation that went something like this: After that rather lovely exchange, he was then filmed walking into the house and sitting down to meet “the 3 girls”; Rachel, April and Libby. He expected them to be cuter, but nonetheless, the conversations began. After that, he was taken back to the hotel and told he was free to leave.