Women dating crossdressers

So you're a young male cross-dresser, and you find you'd like a girl who not only accepts your cross-dressing, but gets pleasure out of it, too?

Basically, if your gender isn't easily defined, you might just find a home here.A lot of crossdressers (CDs) with a fetish for female undergarments will often wear them daily and even when at work; depending on the type of work they do.As I said earlier most CDs are NOT gay but there are a small percentage that are gay.Also a CD will only occasionally go out in public dressed as a female, more often if they have an established safe place to go frequent such as a Drag Queen bar, yet probably the vast majority of CDs only do this in the comfort of their own home and have never ventured out in public en-femme. How this differs in my opinion from a (TV) is that a TV is more often either gay or bisexual.Also transvestites also generally prefer to in public dressed en-femme more often than CDs.

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