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“I know ‘the master of the pudding race’, the , but that’s about it. In Ireland you’ve got your Becketts and your Joyces and your Yeatses, that’s what you’re brought up with, so even if you don’t know all of it, you have a favourite Yeats poem and I guess it’s the same in Scotland with Burns.“My favourite Yeats poem is . “It used to be in the Albert Hall and over the night people were emboldened to be a bit cheekier, but the O2 is far more intimidating; 15,000 people and a very big stage.

Well, that’s relatively sad too, but it’s one of the only poems I know off by heart.” So does he know what a wee sleekit cow’rin tim’rous beastie is? It’s more people doing stuff behind the scenes and muggins here holding the whole lot together,” he says. It was just more about the feel and the vibe and what we wanted to do to try and make it a fun entertainment show again, and we are a family. she’s warm, she’s kind, she’s smart, she’s funny, and she’s my best friend.”For someone who’s constantly on air and in the public eye and having to watch what he says, O’Leary values having Dee to just let rip with away from the cameras. I think to be on the telly you’ve got to be pretty comfortable in your own skin.

That doesn’t make them any less important to you, it’s just life. Although my funeral’s going to last about two hours with the amount of songs I want to play.”We can’t finish on this funereal note, it’s time to turn to Burns and his optimistic:“For a’ that an’ a’ that, it’s coming yet for a’ that, that man to man, the world o’er shall brothers be for a’ that”. “I do think that the world we’re living in at the moment is quite an uncertain and dark place but the most important thing is that you engage.

It’s a great funeral song.”Aw no.“No, it’s a nice funeral song,” he insists. If you don’t debate, irrespective of what side you’re on, if you just dismiss people as nutcases, left wing nutjobs or right wing nutjobs, you’re never going to find common ground.

Has he always been the kind of person people would talk to at the bus stop?

), but what with running his own production company, presenting his own music show on Radio 2 and doing the hosting honours for the National Lottery, there'll be plenty to keep him occupied. Dermot was born Sean Dermot Finton O'Leary in Essex.2. We have former broom cupboard alumnus Andi Peters to thank for Dermot's big break. Dermot considers himself to be Irish rather than British or English.

With more and another NTA to look forward to, he’s in development on a project he can’t say anything about. I like haggis, I like neeps, I like tatties and I love whisky.

“I’m not being secretive, but I just haven’t cemented it yet. Oh and the gravy the haggis is served with, I love that.

I always get amazed when people say ‘why do you follow that person on Twitter ‘cos they’re x or they’re y? Otherwise social media may as well just be an echo of your own opinion and where does that get you?

”He’s got to go, he’s “getting daggers” from the PR, but there’s time for one more blast of Dermot charm.

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