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Kim realised Zoe had lied to her about the due date of her baby after previously telling her she wasn't due yet.

Zoe then admitted that Jack wasn't the father and the blackmail was the idea of her abusive boyfriend Craig Harris - a former pupil who had been expelled from the school three years earlier and was intent on gaining revenge on Jack.

Estelle Cooper (played by Judith Barker) was the first PA secretary at Waterloo Road.

She served under Jack Rimmer during the first series, but by the second series had left the school to be replaced by Davina Shackleton.

Later, Andrew Treneman showed Yasmin a letter that Donte had written in the cooler.

It was then she realised that Donte did not intentionally "kill" Adam and that it was just an accident.

At the start she is on the bus and Lewis Seddon comes over and starts talking to her and sees Craig Harris pinning her up on by the fence and knocking her to the floor.

It was revealed during series one that Izzie and Jimmy never actually married when Chlo asked why they never got married. It was later revealed in the third series opener that Jimmy had given Chlo permission to marry Donte Charles. Yasmin 'Yaz' Deardon was the sister of killed pupil, Adam.Yasmin was last seen during Donte's court hearing in 1x08 and has not been seen since. Zoe Ramsden was a student at Waterloo Road in 1x03.After Andrew convinced him not to give into her demads, Jack deciced to resign.Zoe unexpectadly went into labour during an English lesson with Tom Clarkson and gave birth to a baby girl.

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