Updating rowguidcol error

The service might be under attack, or the data provider or client operating system might need to be upgraded to support Extended Prot The server Extended Protection level is set to Allowed or Required, and the client did not provide a Service Principal Name (SPN).

To connect, this client must support Extended Protection.

Stop and restart SQL Server and the Log Reader Agent.

If the problem persists, back up the publication database, and then contact Customer Support Services.

LEARN SQL SERVER ONLINE | SQL SERVER TIPS AND TRICKS | SQL SERVER EXAMPLES TSQL | MSSQL | SQL Server 2012 | SQL SERVER 2008 R2 | SQL SERVER 2005 | SQL SERVER 2000 | SQL Server Personal Blog By Devi Prasad Error %d, severity %d, state %d was raised, but no message with that error number was found in sys.messages. This discrepancy might slow down later differen Database file differential changes were backed up. Additional licenses should be obtained and installed or you should upgrade to a full version.%.*ls %.*ls could not find the default instance (%.*ls) – error %d.

On the publisher data modifications are disallowed until the upgrade completes and snapshot has successfully run.

Last TIB processed: (text Info Flags 0x%x, coloffset %ld, new Size %I64d, old Size %I64d). Encountered an unexpected Text Information End (TIE) log record.

Last Text Information Begin (TIB) processed: (text Info Flags 0x%x, coloffset %ld, new Size %I64d, old Size %I64d), text collection state %d. Cannot locate database information in the article cache.

If it does exist, stop and restart the Log Reader Agent; if it does not exist, drop and reconfigure replication.

The Log Reader Agent scanned to the end of the log before processing all transactions in the hash table.

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Possible inconsistent state in the distribution database: dist_backup_lsn , dist_last_lsn .

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