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There’s the red-skinned Krugarr, a robot called Mainframe (voiced by Miley Cyrus), the crystal-studded Martinex, who you see earlier in the movie (Michael Rosenbaum), Charlie-27 (Pulp Fiction’s Ving Rhames), and Aleta Ogord (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’s Michelle Yeoh).

Stallone says it’s a shame it’s taken Yondu’s death to bring them all back together again, but then they decided to reform and steal some stuff.

What it means: That Kraglin is really clumsy and will probably be dead by the time GOTG3 comes around?

Not many characters have hurt Drax and lived to tell the tale, but maybe the rest of the Guardians will be able to keep him from turning the Ravager into mush.

The latest MCU movie sees Thor and the Hulk team-up to save Asgard and if you want to read all about Thor: Ragnarok's post-credits scenes (yes, there's more than one! Or why not read the whole thing for an entire rundown of every MCU post-credits scene so far? It meant that Iron Man wasn't a standalone movie, but part of an interconnected universe.

What it means: Well, it's not stated explicitly, but it's not hard to guess what he's getting at: Stark and co. Stark takes on the role of Fury from the last credits stinger.

Interestingly, the scene nearly caused continuity problems as this little altercation between the two men is never referred to again. "The Consultant" expands the scene, revealing that it's part of a deal set in motion by Phil Coulson to ensure Abomination stays in prison while Hulk is released. The scene: Even though Bucky’s name is cleared during the events of Civil War, the fact that he can still be activated means that he voluntarily decides to put himself on ice.

The Sorcerer Supreme is not a bad detective to have around.

The scene: During the movie, Stephen Strange chats to a guy named Jonathan Pangborn, who has used magic to make himself walk again.

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post-credits scenes a thing with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What it means: The one that started it all was a HUGE deal. Jackson at the end of the movie telling Tony Stark about the Avengers was the stuff that Marvel fans had dreamed of for decades.

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