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Such wells are either damaged or covered with rubble, which means they have to dig new wells."We hope that the government can work out a political solution."They want their children to be protected, and they want their education to go on without interruption."As far as the ordinary people are concerned, they want a permanent peace."Dr Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu, executive director of the Centre for Policy Alternatives in Colombo, said the Sri Lankan government's promise of a process for transitional justice "provides room for some optimism"."Following the developments of the last eight months, the atmosphere in Jaffna is a lot more relaxed then it was before," Dr Saravanamuttu said."It is relatively safe for people to come back.Now they need support to stand on their own," she said."The priority of the people is a stable government, policies to be implemented, they want to see promises in action; release of land, some kind of redress for the losses they have met."They don't want to have another situation where they have to run away overnight, get out the house, leave everything behind.But the proposal was rejected by the United Nations, which called for a "hybrid special court" of international and local judges to investigate the "horrific" abuses committed by both sides.Tamil refugee Aran Mylvaganam, who arrived in Australia as a teenager in 1997, said he was "not hopeful at all that a domestic investigation will deliver justice to the Tamils"."Only an international investigation which is impartial, [which] looks into all sides' crimes without any bias ...

We were five siblings, she was calling our names so I ran into the house and joined my mother.

Two other cousins died as well, in total 21 children died and there were many other elders who died that day."A UN panel has said around 40,000 mainly Tamil civilians were killed in the final months of the country's separatist war.

The fighting forced more than 100,000 people in northern Sri Lanka to flee to Tamil Nadu State in India.

"My younger brother and sister were there, we were sitting under the verandah when the air force dropped several bombs over the tamarind tree and nearby areas and at that point my second brother was running towards us, as soon as he opened the gate he fell down." Choked with emotion, Mr Mylvaganam said his family members started looking for survivors once the war plane had left."That's when we found our brother — he was calling for water," Mr Mylvaganam said."That was when we realised that our brother had managed to get inside the gate but he had lost half of his body below the hip.

He was alive and we were able to talk to him."We took him to hospital, he was still alive. "But our six-year-old cousin Bethany, we pretty much picked her up in pieces.

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