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Danielle, however, is a few inches taller than the spiritual leader.This gossip brings me back to remarks in the 2003 book But the retail business of religion has changed dramatically.After she finished, Eliana locked eyes with the people she was running for — her husband, Rabbi David Wolpe, and their 12-year-old daughter, Samara, who had stood huddled together on the sidelines waiting to embrace her.

For her, the live rock music that played ubiquitously at the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon sounded as good as a victory hymn.Yet that image, along with expectations for clergy spouses, has evolved. They’re no longer always hovering in the background; they’re not even always a different gender from their partner. I became involved with a rabbi of my own, because as it turns out, God is not without a sense of irony.The night the man I am now seeing was ordained, he asked me whether I could see myself marrying a rabbi. I didn’t think I could bear missing someone so much.For the past few months, journalist Danielle Berrin has been dating David Wolpe, a famous author and the senior rabbi at Sinai Temple in Westwood.Rabbi Wolpe is twice her age (he was born in 1958 and she was born around 1984).

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I would like my final meal to be one that would stretch over several years, but failing that, I care less what I eat than who I eat it with.

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