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I had a couple of long-term relationships, but in the end, as great as they were, neither of them felt like someone I could envision myself spending the rest of my life with.In about 2007, one of my favorite work colleagues had her head buried in her computer, and it was obvious that something interesting was going on by the way she kept minimizing her screen every time anyone walked past her desk.When the company folded, he temporarily moved in with me while looking for work, which morphed into living together for 7 years before getting married.As a naive 26 year old, I used to tell people that after 7 years, we had already survived any challenges a couple could experience (religious differences, infidelity, death of loved ones, serious injury, etc), and therefore felt confident that the marriage would last.However, as I read over the introductory messages she was sending out to potential dates, I cringed, and offered to do some quick editing.Within a week, we had re-done her profile narrative, and taken new photos under a cherry blossom tree behind our office, to better reflect the colorful, beautiful person she was.I had been married.divorced--twice--before I met the man who would become my future husband.The "twice" part still mortifies me, especially the circumstances of the second go-round. We had met just as I was transferring to Northeastern University in Boston and he was moving to a Boston suburb to take a new job.

Never one to turn down a trifecta of adventure, romance, and travel, I flew out to Sea Tac and was swooped up by none other than the bi-coastal love interest.My friend Sara and I went out for coffee with our laptops, and on the spur of the moment, signed up for free accounts.We tried Plenty of Fish, which seemed exciting until it seemed horrifying. I will indeed be in Seattle this weekend, and I will make my way to Ocho in Ballard, 3 pm. If it is raining, I may wear my psychedelic rain boots. From the moment I walked into Ocho, and he stood to greet me, our eyes locked and loaded.As I scrolled JDate, I was shocked out of my wine reverie as a small instant-message window zoomed into the corner of my screen, and began flashing an invitation to connect.It was there that I started communicating with a charming and handsome guy from Washington D.

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