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The first warships of Ancient Egypt were constructed during the early Middle Kingdom, and perhaps - at the end of the Old Kingdom, but the first mention and a detailed description of a large enough and heavily armed ship dates from XVI BC.

"And I ordered to build twelve warships with rams, dedicated to Amun or Sobek, or Maat and Sekhmet, whose image was crowned best bronze noses.

Navigation was known in Sumer between the 4th and the 3rd millennium BC, and was probably known by the Indians and the Chinese people before the Sumerians.

Humans used boats for travel and eventually for food resources.

The first prehistoric boats are presumed to have been dugout canoes which were developed independently by various stone age populations.

In ancient history, various vessels were used for coastal fishing and travel.

By the time of Julius Caesar, several well-established combined land-sea trade routes depended upon water transport through the sea around the rough inland terrain features to its north.

So fantastic an assertion is this of a typical example of some seafarers' story and Herodotus therefore may never have mentioned it, at all, had it not been based on facts and made with the according insistence. Lloyd suggests that the Greeks at this time understood that anyone going south far enough and then turning west would have the Sun on their right but found it unbelievable that Africa reached so far south.

but Strabo, Polybius, and Ptolemy doubted the description. He suggests that "It is extremely unlikely that an Egyptian king would, or could, have acted as Necho is depicted as doing" and that the story might have been triggered by the failure of Sataspes' attempt to circumnavigate Africa under Xerxes the Great.

And Our Majesty arranged four towers for archers - two behind, and two on the nose and one above the other small - on the mast with narrow loopholes.

they are covered with bronze in the fifth finger (3.2mm), as well as a canopy roof and its rowers. and long ship seventy five cubits (41m), and the breadth sixteen, and in battle can go three-quarters of iteru per hour (about 6.5 knots)..." The text of the tomb of Amenhotep I (KV39).

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