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He also baptised at Sunday's Well, where a annual Patron Sunday was held in olden times.650 AD St Fechin of Fore visited Naas, He founded the Monastery of Tulach-Fobhair, close to the site of Sunday's Well, at Millbrook, which was built upon land given by the King of Naas.Soon afterwards, however, Darina, escaping from her prison, unexpectedly met her husband and her sister.Her sister fell dead before her face, and the young Queen Darina soon died of a broken heart.Eochy was also determined to get his hands on her sister Fithir, as his second he shut up Darina in a room in his palace, and sent out a report that she was dead.

During his visit to Naas in 660 AD, he obtained the release of certain captives, in memory of which the Market Cross was erected, it stood in the Market place until the mid eighteenth century.The site of his Pupal or tent was on the green of the fort,.now St David's Churchyard; his Well, where he in 448 baptised Dubhlang's two sons, Oillill and Illann, Oillill two daughters, Moaghain and Fiedelm, is in the Elder Grove at Oldtown.The Masters tell us that King Congal, son of Fergus of Fanat, while making a hosting against the Leinsterman, devastated Naas and carried away hostages, probably for the payment of "Tribute", or some such debt.Cearbhall, the last King to be recognised as King of Leinster was tragically killed, some say by accident at Kildare Town when he fell from his horse, and was accidentally killed by his own sword, others say he was killed in battle.

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  1. The Hungarian Reformed Church adopted the Heidelberg Catechism and the Second Helvetic Confession as a definition of their teaching, together the Ecumenical creeds of the Christian Church: Athanasian Creed, Nicene Creed, Chalcedon, and the common creed ("Apostles' Creed").