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Thanks to an 11-year old girl, golden retrievers and a theater production of “A Christmas Carol,” a free-spirit and a naval officer fall in love at Christmas.3 p.m."The Three Tenors Christmas" WMVS Accompanied by the Vienna Symphony, tenors José Carreras, Plácido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti perform Christmas songs, beloved carols and sacred songs. "The Christmas Gift" LIFE (2015) Michelle Trachtenberg. A department store manager who wants to run the store’s new Paris location promises the owner the store’s best holiday display ever and then runs out of ideas. "All I Want for Christmas" ION (2013) Melissa Sagemiller. A young boy and his stepdad are forced to redefine the meaning of family when a tragedy forces them to become closer than they ever imagined they would.5 p.m. A 24-year-old woman aimlessly drifts through life when she finds a letter to Santa that is written by a little girl and asks him to bring her daddy a new wife. "Christmas Under Wraps" HALL (2014) Candace Cameron-Bure."Once Upon a Sesame Street Christmas" WMVS Elmo’s father tells him the story of how his distant relative helped to bring the holiday spirit to Sesame Street back in the 19th century. "A Different Kind of Christmas" DECADES (1996) An attorney finds that she has a problem on her hands when her father turns his home into Christmas Land and no child leaves without a gift.11 a.m. A single mother returns to her hometown with her young daughter, who tries to adjust to her new surroundings while her mother contends with an old rivalry. "A Town Without Christmas" (2001) GETTV A town is united when a young boy’s letter to Santa reveals that he wishes to leave this world so he will no longer be a burden to his divorcing parents.9 p.m. " DECADES (2000) When a sled accident leaves Santa Claus with amnesia just days before Christmas, a young boy attempts to help him recover his memory in time for the big day.5 a.m. An office worker watches silently as her idea for a Christmas sales initiative is stolen and then gets a visit from Santa Claus, who asks her to make a wish. "Christmas Festival of Ice" HALL (2017) Taylor Cole. "Christmas in the City" LIFE (2013) Ashley Williams.

A young girl tells Santa that she wants a boyfriend for Christmas and, 19 years later, he comes into her life carrying a Christmas tree. "The Christmas Experience" TBN An important truth that we discover as we experience Christmas is that God always keeps His promises and that we can always trust God’s timing. After 20 years of bumming around, a man who chucked career and family to wander around the country riding the rails surprises his family at Christmas. "Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas" WMVS George and The Man are unsure what to get one another for a present.7 a.m. A famous actress comes to a Christmas-obsessed small town in Iowa to shoot a holiday-themed movie and is surprised to find herself falling for an innkeeper. "The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Christmas" WMVS The Cat, Sally and Nick find a reindeer that has been separated from its family, so they help the lost creature get back home in time for Christmas.9 a.m.

"Broadcasting Christmas" HALL (2016) Melissa Joan Hart. An advertising executive is forced to team up with her cross co-worker on producing a new commercial for an upcoming Christmas project. "History of Thanksgiving With David Barton" TBN 7 p.m. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas" NBC The mean-hearted Grinch descends into an unsuspecting town to steal all of the presents from the children, but he ends up learning the true meaning of Christmas. p.m.

The co-host of America’s most popular morning TV show leaves, and the contenders for his spot include a local New York newscaster and his ex-girlfriend. a.m. " DECADES (2000) When a sled accident leaves Santa Claus with amnesia just days before Christmas, a young boy attempts to help him recover his memory in time for the big day.1 p.m. An artist whose family has built Rose Parade floats for generations has to supervise the building of a float for a client when her father becomes ill. "The Christmas Gift" (1986) GETTV A widowed architect and his young daughter visit a mystical town in Colorado and learn about love and discover the true meaning of Christmas. "Frosty the Snowman" CBS A group of kids is thrilled when their snowman magically comes to life, but they must travel north with him when spring arrives to prevent him from melting.7 p.m. A woman in charge of her town’s Christmas events finds herself in a bind when Santa Claus falls ill, and she must rely on an uninspired driver as a replacement. "Frosty Returns" CBS Frosty the Snowman asks for help from the children of the small town of Beansboro to stop the inventor of a spray chemical that instantly gets rid of snow. "Trolls Holiday Special" NBC The queen of the trolls calls on Branch and the Snack Pack to inform her best friend and the rest of the Bergens about the importance of the holidays.9 p.m.

As the holidays approach, a young woman is excited to attend her upcoming high school reunion and hopes to run into her former sweetheart.7 a.m. An artist and a businesswoman’s marriage is ending, but their silent pleas are answered when a mischievous eight-year-old runaway changes their lives. "A Bride for Christmas" HALL (2012) Arielle Kebbel.

"Ice Sculpture Christmas" HALL (2015) Rachel Boston. A woman who abandoned three previous wedding engagements finds love with a man who has agreed to participate in a wager involving marriage. "Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade" NBC Millions of spectators line the streets of Manhattan to participate in the Thanksgiving parade. "A Royal Family Holiday" TVONE (2015) Tichina Arnold, Vivica A. A couple act like they're getting divorced to lure their children home for Christmas. "National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation" FREE (1989) Chevy Chase.

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"A Home for Christy Rost: Thanksgiving" CREATE Christy discusses “Swan’s Nest,” her 19th-century Colorado estate, and offers tips on how to create memorable Thanksgiving meals, table-settings and more. "The Flight Before Christmas" LIFE (2015) Mayim Bialik.

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