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I saw a few ladies that had stretch marks in the restroom, but once they put make-up over it and got onstage under all those lights you could not see them at all. I worry more about my scar now than I did before I went, though.

There's no way for me to hide the fact that the muscle is twisted under the skin.

Body Direct: 416 819-3263 Office: 877 WOW FAME Train Hard. 2009 FAME World Championships June 12-14 Singer, that was a great question!

Yes it can do quite a bit of damage to concrete on a building structure I cannot address the foundation as conditions are different.

I suppose if the foundation and downcomer were to mimic this situation it would also or could do similar damage.

dick I can tell you from personal experience it can happen, although the circumstances are a bit unique to my field, telecom.

It has been several years and I have long since lost the photographs but can remember the details quite well.

All 3 sites were built using the exact same specifications where a #4 AWG wire was just laid in the concrete slab. These were all fiber optic regenerator sites that use 345 KV transmission lines static wire as the carrier for the optic cable.

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