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NOTE: “Content Test” refers to the specific test you must take to teach a specific subject in Texas.Every teacher in the state of Texas must take a test demonstrating they understand the content they will teach – called a “content test”.

Follow these steps and before you know it, you will be standing on your head!

Start the Journey Because we are all unique beings, Yoga Now offers an vast array of classes.

Go deep and traditional with a Mysore class, shake your booty to a Vinyasa class, or zen out with a restorative class.

The TEx ES is an individual test, but refers to all the content tests offered by the state of Texas.

All of the tests in the TEx ES program contain multiple-choice questions.

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You can graduate with a degree in education (and use a university program to get certified) or you can take your degree- any degree- and enroll in an alternative certification program.

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