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The main drive has 12 geared speeds including a slow-speed backgear system gear for very high-torque cuts.The 3-phase motor is inverter driven with power from a normal single-phase supply to give variable speed control - the speed range is thus enormous and changing speeds by moving the belt position not really necessary. Also included are a large-capacity drill chuck, a set of T-nuts and a selection of milling cutters. £1650 Pictures of the Tom Senior Milling machine for sale here and details of Tom Senior M1 millers here Colchester Bantam with the accessories; a Boxford VM30 Vertical milling machine (or similar) and a Pedrazzoli Mec Brown chop saw (or similar). No dealers please and will travel for the right equipment.£2750.00 Phone: 01254-823570 Pictures of the Myford ML7R for sale here and details of Myford 7 Series lathes here This versatile miller can mill horizontally and vertically with all attachments included.The 31" x 61/2" power-feed table has three rates of feed.Also included are a spare cross-slide feed screw and nut, spare Dewhurst switch, drive belting and maker's literature. Pictures of the South Bend lathe for sale here and details of South Bend "9-inch lathes" here: Myford ML10 lathe 3.25" x 13" backgeared and screwcutting.A late model with high-speed roller bearing headstock.

Up to 250 words, eight photographs and a 6-month run. Just phone 01298-871633 Thanks for the carefully crafted Schaublin advertisement; enquiries from Australia, United States and Europe and sold for the asking price: Many thanks for the work preparing the ad for my father's lathe - you are worth every penny charged, and you can't often say that these days: 3 inquiries in a very short time after the ad appeared, and it went to a lovely Irish gentleman who picked it up and took it to Dublin: Over 20 enquiries, sold immediately without any hassle !

Google "lathes for sale" or "millers for sale" and, after the usual couple of paid-for adverts and Gumtree, it's usually at the very top and receives 12,000 to 15,000 visitors a day.

It's open to anyone selling machine tools and associated items.

Mounted on the maker's cabinet stand with a full-length splash back and locking storage cupboard this lathe is in a metric specification and driven by a high-quality Seimens inverter giving variable-speed drive from a single-phase supply. Small rotary table in perfect order, again appears unused. (Ref:5/17) Pictures of the Colchester Bantam for sale here and details of Bantam lathes here The property of an ex-Rolls Royce engineer, the lathe is in full working order and running from a single-phase motor.

Power sliding and sutfacing feeds and a fully enclosed safety leadscrew. £55 Pictures of the Myford vertical milling slide and rotary table for sale here. Well equipped and including a large collection of metal bar stock, blocks of bronze and other items stored in the workshop with the machine - these appearing to include: 3-jaw chuck (possibly two), 4-way toolpost, thread-dial indicator, tailstock chuck, drive dogs.

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For Sale: SIXIS S101 High-precision Milling Machine.

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