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There were about 50 kids per RA and we all had different classes at different times in different buildings.

And in the evenings and weekends we had complete freedom to walk the campus, go to local restaurants and entertainment spots, etc.

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But in the scout camp that my younger girls attended, all activities were done with a group and kids were never to be out of sight of their counselor.Some freedoms are yanked for no reason other than, “It’s probably not allowed.” So our work is across the board: Reminding society that kids until now have always had some unsupervised time, that this doesn’t make them outrageously unsafe, and that stunting them is costly psychologically and even monetarily (extra layers, extra lawyers). Please let us know what new security precautions your kids had at camp, and if you have come up with a way to fight back the ones that don’t make sense. There are the following games: best online slots, free slot games, mirage casino, online casino slot, poker winnings, poker offers, bingo online win, free bingo on line, online poker freerolls, hold em poker online. Play online casino slot games, money bingo, online slot machines, free play slot machine games, poker hand, casino blackjack online, play free bingo games.

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Dear Free-Range Kids: Since all three kids are now back from the various camps they’ve attended this summer, I’ve been doing some reflection.

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