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It was only 10 years ago that Kona coffee acreage dropped to a mere 1,200 acres as the name Kona Coffee was becoming more of an icon throughout the coffee crazed world than the actual prized coffee bean from Kona.The "American Dream" was founded on the principals and idealism of equality, determination and freedom.The tall coconut tree sways in the Hawaiian trades.Many visitors to the islands expect to see these graceful palms or look forward to an authentic pina colada.We got plenty ono pupu-poke, musubi, might even be some pipikaula and po'i in the fridge," don't hold your stomach (or cover your ears) in bewilderment.The abundant bounty of the oceans doesn't strictly define Hawaii cuisine, yet it surely is one of its strongest and most influential characteristics.Its beauty stands out in any garden, grove, or yard.Easily 40-60 feet tall, with branches spanning a similar-size diagonally, the sensual, dark-green lobed leaves of the breadfruit tree form a graceful tapestry from which sexy, lime-green globes, weighing up to 10 pounds each, dangle gracefully in the Hawaiian trades. Those are the messages David Palmer champions at his two Caf Pesto restaurants on the Big Island.

When I first saw a hala tree, I was reminded of the ancient trees in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. They were very wise and lovable, there were many of them, and they could walk. The cry of the owl has followed me from country to country, continent to continent.

In 1887 Wilson was one of the last to observe the bird in life, for it was last reliably sighted in 1894. Sea turtles, the true ancients of the world, have been swimming the oceans for over 200 million years. The roots of taro run deeper in the Hawaiian culture than they sink into the muddy patches of Waipi'o Valley or even into the ruins of ancient dry land lo'i (terraces) at Greenbank in North Kohala, once part of the great King Kamehameha's ahupua'a.

He saw only three specimens in a four-week stay, and so rare was the bird that it apparently had no name in the Hawaiian language. And for the first time in all these millennia, six out of the seven species are either endangered and on the verge of extinction, or threatened to become endangered under the U. Wakea, Father Heaven, could no longer resist his desire for his youngest daughter.

They mail the coconuts to their snowbound relatives elsewhere. Ten years ago, on the Puna side of this island, I spent my first few nights in Hawaii sleepless and stunned.

It wasn't just the sudden transition from stark northern Europe to the lush and humid tropics that kept me awake.

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