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Although brown hair is the most common, for women, the familiarity of it must have something to do with the allure.

According to the study, men with brown hair average 10 dates a month, compared to blonde guys who average only three.

Powdering your nose or re-applying lipstick/gloss in front of your date destroys the illusion of "natural" and can seem a little high-maintenance.10.

Go easy on the perfume While you definitely do want to make sure you smell good for your first date, try not to overload yourself.

In fact, a recent study found that when it comes to dating, women prefer men with brown hair.According to a study by the Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, while men are more likely to approach a blonde woman in a club to dance, women are more likely to say yes to men with dark hair.Yes, it’s that hard out there for blonde men; so maybe it’s time to pick up some hair dye, guys?Spray into the air and 'walk into it', this will allow the scent to lightly fall on you rather than liberally spritzing neck, wrists and décolletage etc.You probably won't really know what types of scents your date finds attractive and if you happen to choose one that doesn't appeal to him and you smell like you've marinated yourself in the stuff, then this could really impact how long he wants to stay near you! Just remember to relax, be yourself and have a lovely time!

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