Consolidating print servers

For Net Ware to Net Ware consolidations, you can reorganize your network by copying data from any number of existing Net Ware source servers to any number of Net Ware destination servers.

The accompanying rights, trustees, ownership, and name space information are copied to the destination server along with the files.

With the prospect of rising costs, aging in-house technology, and not being able to meet the level of service customers have come to expect, the question whether print is a core function or something that can be outsourced for less cost is a primary concern.

While many are comfortable with vendor managed print and mail services, others prefer to consolidate under an in-house structure.

Consolidating multiple organizations under one umbrella is not a simple task.

Each one of the 3 used to have a specific set of file shares, but the resulting consolidated file server and each of the three alternate names will have a single set which merges all the original shares.

This might actually be a side effect you welcome or at least can tolerate, but maybe you are required to preserve the exact original behavior, with each of the original names showing a precise subset of the shares.

You can copy entire volumes or specific directories between servers in the same e Directory tree or in different e Directory trees.

The source server can even be the same as the destination server.

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