Catholic prayer for chastity in dating

However, he did not keep strict vigilance over his eyes, mind and heart and this resulted in a cataclysmic fall, a fall that cast him into the depths of lust and dishonesty.

Giving in to lust terminated in adultery; then adultery led to murder and murder to the suppression of the conscience. Jesus warns us: “Stay awake and pray; the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.” 8. Human weakness does prevail over us and we can all fall.

He drew close to the saint and wrapped a golden sash around her waist.

This symbolized a gift that He generously bestowed upon the saint—the gift of perfect chastity.

James 3—the sins of the tongue) But this is especially pertinent with respect to purity.

Jesus would be the center of her life, her all and all.

(Exodus 17:8-13) To conquer the imperious demands of the flesh and the constant insinuations of the world and the temptations of the devil, we must (like Moses) lift up our arms constantly in prayer. Let us beg the Lord for the gift and virtue of purity. Proverbs are not lacking: “He who plays with fire will get burnt”… May Our Lady be our model and guide especially in the practice of purity. Saint Bonaventure put it succinctly: “When one is working a devil might be there to tempt, but when you have nothing to do a multitude of devils are there to tempt.” 6. In all times and places and circumstances we should control our tongue.

Jesus invites us with these words: “Ask and you will receive… Saint James admonishes us: “We should be slow to speak and quick to listen.” (Read St.

Let us be honest and to the point—we live in a society of dangerous and often pernicious images. Almost 100 years ago Our Lady appeared in Fatima to three innocent Shepherd children—Blessed Jacinta, Blessed Francisco and their cousin Lucia de los Santos.

Our Lady appeared to the children six times—from May 13 on which the great miracle of the sun occurred witnessed by close to 80,000 people.

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