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My first time at the beach after top surgery, I sprinted towards the waves, dove through, and came up laughing.I ran back to my towel and repeated this until I collapsed.

"Safe space" isn’t an umbrella term, and while there are certainly places like Riis in major, queer-friendly cities like NYC, trans people in smaller and more conservative locations have to constantly work — and band together — to find and protect safe spaces where they can be themselves, free from expectations and, yes, danger.Self-realisation is so powerful: realising that I am not my body; realising that I am a soul that is in a body.My body is a really intricate, amazing blob of skin and bones and muscles that houses me and allows me to get from point A to point B, to experience the world, to love people, to help people.Even with the purest intentions, you have probably not unlearned all of the oppressive behaviour we all must.Your ally-ship should revolve around the issues: enhancing the lives of trans people and helping us create space for our own initiatives to be able to flourish.

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One thing this project was a stark reminder of: my own privilege as a white trans individual.

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