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Jill, dressed for work, hair in a bun and wearing glasses, I imagined the two boys and about a half dozen of their friends shoving her back and forth between them, each time yanking off more of her clothing. I'd be jerking off to the point of drooling as I watched her try to fend them off while they fingered her and pulled at her nipples and bit her neck and shoulders, making her knees buckle and her head droop in reluctant yet undeniable, and heated lust. I thought of what it would sound like to hear her let out a long pent up and otherwise guilty orgasm from watching me stroke myself to the sight of her being fucked hard and fast. I watched as she sauntered over to the far side of the yard and began pruning the blueberry bushes.

She could hold her own in an intellectual conversation with just about anyone, and leave them impressed with her insight and charm. "You asked the question," she smiled back over her shoulder, and pulled me back down and on top of her, and we rolled over, laughing, and I gave her ribs a pinch to tickle her. The conversation had been the closest thing to anything that I'd pursued with Jill that even slightly resembled the topic of my ever-developing and frequent perverted fantasies about her.

"You aren't." "You've thought of me..this one movie scene. "Okay, so..fantasy, being watched." "Umhmm." "Well, what I've thought of... It was sort of like your fantasy, but a little different." "Oh?

" "No, counselor," I shook my head at her in disbelief.

I've noticed lately that our pool has been used while we're at work, and once, after stopping by home for lunch I found he and one of his friends going for a swim. I did the same thing in my neighborhood growing up. We were comfortable with each other and going places in our life together. With eyes hidden and that huge hat, it made her look terribly sexy. "No." "Oh, I was asking because there was one in particular I'd seen as a young man. Of an adult film that showed censored previews on cable.

But..whole situation makes for countless fantasies in which my wife becomes their personal fuck doll. And yet still, a reality was the fact that I found incredible pleasure in imagining Jill heaving and panting in nervous anticipation and hesitation as I undressed her in front of two strange men. It was her light gardening outfit when she planned to swim right after.

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"What," she asked, turning to look at me while pulling the second one out. "Honey, what would you have done if you'd have come home and found those boys swimming naked?

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